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Subject: Identification Verification - Why Identification Verification is So Importance to You?

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Identification Verification - Why Identification Verification is So Importance to You?

In case you are working where the hiring of workers is concerned, there are high chances that you have employed some people whose standards later proved to be below what they claimed. Some people will go to great lengths in a bid to secure a job, including giving false information. Some studies have shown that as much as eighty nine per cent of resumes are misleading.

This means that if you are an employer, it is important that you do not take the matter of resume verification for granted. In spite of the glaring statistics, a high number of employers are not seriously involved in resume verification so as to weed out the liars.

It is necessary that you carry out thorough employment screening. This will save you from a lot of regrets later. Indeed, if you do not carry out identification verification on all applicants, you may end up in a public relations quagmire. A company may be liable for hiring negligently. A respected university was in the spotlight for hiring an admissions officer who did not have the credentials she had claimed to hold. Some cases have ended tragically for lack of pre-employment screening.

Resume verification is therefore of paramount importance. You may end up in the long arm of the law. Even if you do not face a lawsuit, hiring people who are not qualified is costly both in terms of money and time. Employment screening will help you to avoid such a situation.

When you later fire someone you had hired, there is the risk of being charged with wrongful termination. Employment screening will help you avert such a position.

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Identification Verification - Online Employment Screening Services

There are companies that specialize in offering employment screening. There is a variety of online services offered that cater for different needs. The type of industry you are involved in will determine the appropriate services. For examples,

- If you are in healthcare, the types of identification verification that may be taken include education verification, SSN report, professional license check, sex offender check, medical abuse check, and state criminal report.

- In the educational industry, the usual requirements are SSN report, national criminal report, education verification, employment verification, and sex offender report.

- Where the employment of drivers is concerned, the employment screening will require SSN report, national criminal report, motor vehicle report, as well as license verification.

- Identification verification needed in areas dealing with finance include SSN check, national criminal check, credit check, education and employment verification, as well as OFAC terrorist report.

Now that you have seen the necessity of carrying out identification screening, you need to know how to choose the appropriate employment screening company. It is important that you deal with a company that has gained a good reputation.

You should also find out if the company deals confidentially. The company should allow you to talk with a live researcher. Their employees need to be licensed professionals in the first place. The employment screening agency should carry out searches globally.

Summary - Employment screening is particularly important in today's world where you can easily encounter a web of complications. Conducting an identification verification online will allow you to access the relevant information or background records almost instantly.

Recommended Resource

Recommended Resource for Instant Identification Verification: Web Investigator

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